Monday, July 26, 2010


Posted by Sarah at Monday, July 26, 2010
So, I've been absent from this space for a while, but with good reason. I've been keeping a secret. And I'm terrible at keeping secrets and/or lying by omission, so I usually just keep my mouth shut for fear of revealing the wrong thing.

But, now it's safe to say: There's going to be more spit-up in my future. Estimated due date: February 7th.

I'm beyond excited and here are some things I've been dying to share:

*After waiting TWO hours at the doctor's office, the doctor said he thought I was measuring large and might be carrying twins. OMG. Heart-stopping news. He said that he wanted to order an early ultrasound, but the soonest they could get me scheduled would be THREE WEEKS. I cannot wait three minutes -- much less weeks -- to find out if I'm having twins. So, thanks to my resourcefulness, I managed to find another office who could schedule me the next day. There's just one baby and he/she is big already.

*I have been SO sick this time around. I think I've spent more time in the bathroom than in my bed. One sweet side-effect: Little Man comes to the bathroom to comfort me and pat me on the back. He is such a sweet little boy. Thankfully, the nausea is subsiding and I'm feeling better each day.

*Little Man is already letting his new sibling know who's the boss. He's been poking, jabbing, and climbing all over my stomach. We're working on breaking that habit -- fast.


Michelle on July 27, 2010 at 8:16 AM said...

Yeah for you! So happy! We've had many a talk about being careful around mommy's tummy. Peanut seems to be getting it but it took a little bit.

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